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Ned Michael was found in Breach of Contract, Oconee County Superior Court.  Two years after signing the contract and a $130,500 investment, we were left with $54k in damages and a judgment against Ned Michael.  Learn what you may expect from choosing Ned and Jackson Michael to build your pool.  From contract to court, making excuses all the way.  

Oconee County Superior Court Disposition Finding Ned Michael in Breach of Contract

Michael Enterprises Pool and Spa - Turning a Dream into a Nightmare!

During the entire 18 month period prior to legal action being taken, Ned and Jackson Michael spent a total of 7 man hours on site overseeing, inspecting or supervising. I sent over 120 text messages, made dozens of phone calls, sent a dozen emails and even two registered letters trying to get them to handle their responsibility.  Every attempt I made to get them to address issues was ignored.  Their negligence and breaches have resulted in major damages totaling over $54k.  Below are a few photos of their ‘workmanship’.

This is a photo of Jeff the plumber in action.  He was installing our electrical, without a license, under an affidavit listing a licensed electrician, without that electricians involvement or consent. The result, all the  electrical had to be torn out and replaced due to code violations including no GFCI breakers, wire gauge rated at 55 amps on a 100 amp service.  When I confronted Ned, his response was ‘we do it all the time’.

The electrical will later be redone with another ‘electrician’ who could not tell me his license number and the electrical affidavit was not updated with Madison County.  More to come on the second electrician later.

SPA that has NO ACTION

The spa we contracted for was to have a dedicated jet pump, but due to incompetence and/or negligence, Ned Michael failed to have the required plumbing installed.  When his plumber, Jeff, notified him over the phone while I was present, Ned told Jeff to ‘find a way’ to connect the jet pump at which point Jeff declined saying it ‘would be of no benefit’. Ned Michael told me later that we didn’t need the extra pump we were told we would get, contracted for and purchased.  Our spa is nothing more than a small heated pool!

Photo above shows one set of drains.  A two pump system would have had two sets and while I did not know that at the time, a competent builder would have noticed.  So the question is, did Ned Michael notice and just keep his mouth shut or is he incompetent?  Either way, he never offered to repair it until just before we went to Superior Court.  By then, we had gone to mediation and magistrates, where it got transferred.  Ned Michael told both the mediator and my attorney that he would not pay unless a judge ordered him.  Even then, he did not pay until we secured a FI FA placing a lien against him.  Ned Michael, refusing to accept responsibility every step of the way!

Photo below is cosmetically unsightly.  This was not an economy pool build, this was over $130k.  When I showed Ned Michael, once again when he came for a draw, he said the repair ‘won’t be happening’.  When I tried to ‘work things out’ prior to court, by his statements his concern seemed to be if he was going to lose money rather than doing what it took to make things right.

Bootprints left to harden in the bottom of the spa.  I showed Ned when he came for his draw and his only comment was “they usually try to make it look a little better”.  I will say, when it comes to payday, you can count on Ned Michael to be there when he says.

Spa Leak Unaddressed for sixty days, leading to 30 foot long deck crack

Following the application of plaster, I began filling the pool.  I noticed the spa level dropping and reported it to Ned Michael. Forty two days later, I saw water seeping out the side of a retaining wall and realized that the leak was underneath the deck.  I notified Ned via text. Email and registered letter and told him this was a high priority and he would be held ‘both legally and publicly accountable’ if there were any damages.  I got no response to any.  I also contacted Ned’s concrete contractor directly the same day and asked if the ongoing leak could compromise the fill base and he replied with a single “Yes”.  The leak was capped off by Ned’s plumber. exactly 60 days after I initially reported.  By then an estimated 2880 gallons of water had seeped underneath the deck.  Ground penetrating radar confirmed two voids present, one 2.4 feet deep thirty feet long where the crack was, another 1.2 feet deep running between the spa and to the exact location where I observed and reported the seepage to Ned.

Seepage from retaining wall reported to Ned Michael 42 days after initial leak reported.

Leak reported to Ned from equipment pad unaddressed for sixty days.

LED conduit was crushed at base of spa during compaction.  Leak at conduit was stopped with installation of LED in spa conduit.

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Michael Enterprises Pool and Spa - Making excuses every step of the way!